Our App Features


Easy to Swipe Technology

We designed our app with swiping technology to make the “matching” process simple. Dog owners can easily search for part-time caregivers. Part-time caregivers can easily search for dogs to help care for.


User Friendly Navigation

Whether you're a dog owner or interested in being a part-time caregiver (or both), you'll find the app easy to use. The navigation is intuitive and purposefully designed to help you find the perfect match.


Geo-Targeting Functionality

You might be looking for a part-time caregiver close to your home. Or maybe it’s better for you to have a caregiver near your workplace. With our geographical map, you can define your search and match area as needed.


Reviews for Both Dogs and Caregivers

This community is built on trust and transparency. It’s important that dog owners get to review their experience with a caregiver. The same is true for a caregiver. Having visible reviews published will help users know what to expect from a dog or caregiver before making a decision.


Private Messaging Between Dog Owners and Caregivers

Finding the right match takes time and energy. You wouldn’t leave your dog with just anyone or agree to care for a dog without knowing its history - so we’ve included private messaging so you can “vet” each other without having to exchange your personal information.


Have peace of mind and keep your dog feeling loved and happy.

About the App

We created the “Share A Dog” mobile app to match busy dog owners with willing part-time caregivers to ensure dogs are always loved. Whether it’s a few hours a day, a few days while you’re on vacation, or a more extended period -- Share A Dog can help you be a part of a loving, supportive community. Too many dog owners don’t have a back-up plan and we wanted to change that - especially when there are so many dog lovers that have time and kindness to share. Share A Dog helps you find the perfect match so that dog owners can have peace of mind, dogs are always lovingly cared for, and part-time caregivers can receive the many benefits of a dog’s companionship without all the responsibilities and costs of ownership. And it’s 100% free.

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We will never charge you to use our “Share A Dog” app or bombard you with annoying in-app purchases. We’re proud to provide this service for FREE because we know it will make a difference in the lives of dogs and people. 

Our Mission

Let’s Share A Dog is passionate about making sure dogs are loved and never abandoned, surrendered or destroyed. Our mission is to connect dog owners with part time caregivers in their own neighborhood to create a loving support network. Whether it’s a few hours during the work day or an extended period, dog lovers help dog owners through a simple sharing agreement that ensures the long term well-being for dogs and peace of mind for dog owners — and ultimately saves lives.


Enjoy the benefits of a dog's company without all the responsibility.

Sharing Requires Caring

Sharing your dog with someone can be incredibly beneficial - for the dog, dog owner, and caregiver - but we also know how stressful picking the right partner is. We wouldn’t leave our dogs with just anyone or agree to care for someone else’s dogs without proper vetting and we don’t expect you to.

We’ve built important features into Share A Dog that can facilitate this process and we strongly encourage you to use them. Like with any important decision in life, we suggest you take your time, ask the right questions (including the tough ones), really get to know each other, and even meet first - at a park for instance - before entering into a “share” agreement.