Pros and Cons of Doggie Daycare

Dog people have debated on whether or not doggie daycare is the best option for our adorable dogs. If you are a dog person, you may be on the fence on whether a daycare for dogs is good enough for your little furry friend. Luckily, we’ve put together some pros and cons for doggie daycares to help you decide.

Should I leave my dog at Doggie Daycare?

Leaving your dog at a doggie daycare depends on a lot of factors. Some adorable dogs do well at a daycare, while others do not. Before making your decision, consider some of the things below.

What to Look for in a Doggie Daycare

If you catch yourself saying, “I love my dog” on a daily basis, you may have higher standards for a dog day care than others. But, that’s a good thing!
While considering a doggie daycare, you’ll want one with certain aspects. Choose a doggie daycare with the following good qualities:

  • Experienced handlers, who can prevent any issues from happening between dogs
  • Good ratio between dog caregivers and dogs
  • Plenty of options for your dog to choose an activity (whether they want to socialize with other dogs or not)
  • Frequent opportunities to go outside for potty breaks
  • Separation of dog sizes and types
  • Evaluation or screening of dog health and personalities before being allowed in

How to Know if Your Dog Likes Doggie Daycare

adorable dogs at daycareIf you do not find a quality doggie daycare, you may be in danger of introducing your pet to bad behavior from other dogs. After visiting the daycare, your dog may return home with these behaviors you have to work to reverse, or you may have to deal with doggie day care injuries. Unless you have access to a doggie camera throughout the day, you cannot control what happens in that environment. Sometimes, doggie daycare can be an opportunity for a good socialization between dogs, but it can be a danger if the domestic dogs do not get along or have bad manners. You also don’t want to be that dog owner who has their dog kicked out of doggie daycare due to some personality differences.

When deciding whether or not doggie daycare is best for your furry friend, always consider your dog’s personality, the experience of the staff, the environment of the daycare and the personalities of the other dogs.

Connect with Caregivers Today

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