The Cutest Dog Videos to Brighten Your Day

Having a bad day? Let’s Join Paws knows it’s a scientific fact that dogs make people’s lives better. No, seriously! Studies show that bonding with a pet helps your heart and mood. Even if you don’t have a dog nearby to cuddle and play with, watch a few videos that are sure to fill your […]

Let's Join Paws Dog Breed of the Month: Dalmatian

The month of July reminds many of our wonderful country, America. So this month, Let’s Join Paws brings you one of the most American dogs around: the Dalmatian. Spots Everywhere Did you know Dalmatian puppies are not born with their spots? These baby pups are born a snow-white color, and their spots develop (all over) […]

Dog Safety for Fourth of July

The general population looks forward to a chance to jump in the pool, grill up some burgers and watch a spectacular firework show with pride for their country. However, the yearly celebration of our independence makes for a confusing and scary day for dogs. There’s an overstimulation of activity when your family arrives, and at […]