Give Your Dog the Best Quality of Life

Are you a dog person? Of course you are! Here at Let’s Join Paws, we think of our little furry friends as family, and we know you do, too. We want to treat our pets with the best care so they will be as happy as they make us. If you want to treat your doggie friend to the best life, read these tips on how you can make their little hearts melt.

How to Pamper Your Furry Friend

Feed Them Only the Best Foods

Nutrition is not only important for your dog’s health, but their happiness. When you shop for dog food, be sure to check out the ingredients on the back. Beware of processed ingredients like meat and grain by-products, rendered fat and other chemical supplements. You want your dog to eat food that is natural, as close to what their ancestors ate in the wild. Search for high-quality organic foods in the pet store, or find recipes online to make homemade dog treats.

if you're a dog person, pamper your petGive Them the Softest Spaces

Dog owners and dog lovers alike know the struggle of sharing a bed with a dog. Even the smallest of dogs can find a way to take up all the room! That’s why your dog needs his or her own bed. To maintain comfort, find a bed big enough for your dog to easily switch positions when necessary. And, find fabrics that are soft when rubbed against their fur. Your dog may spend a huge chunk of the day sleeping; make sure they’re sleeping in style!

Groom Them Often

If you’ve got cute dogs with a lot of hair, grooming should be a priority. Especially with the hot Las Vegas Summers, your canine will need help when it comes to all that shedding. Schedule a nice spa day for your dog to get professionally cleaned and shaped up. Or, if the groomer makes your dog a little anxious, there are tools you can buy to help with grooming at home. These can help if your dog only trusts you to handle his or her feet and fur.

Provide the Most Fun Toys

Just like your cute dogs need sleep, they also need exercise. Take your dog on walks (or to the dog park) often. Run around with your furry friend and show them how much fun you can have! If you’re feeling more like staying in for the day, make sure your house is well-equipped with the best dog toys. Get some that squeak, some that help clean their teeth and some that are fun to cuddle with. The possibilities are endless, and your dog will thank you.

Adorn Them in Cute Clothes

Who doesn’t love a dog in cute clothes? No matter the size of your furry pal, you can be sure to find something precious for them to wear. Try a cute sweater to celebrate Fall right around the corner, a T-shirt with a quirky message or even shoes to help your dog walk on the hot pavement. And, once you put those clothes on your doggie pal, snap a picture and share it with the world!

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