Dog Really is a Man’s Best Friend

Throughout history, dog was said to be man’s best friend. Although we know women and kids love dogs, too, a recent study proved that lately in the United States, young men are the largest group of dog owners.

Young Men at the Top of the Dog Owners List

dog really is man's best friendA recent study surveyed pet owners in the United States and showed dog really is a man’s best friend. This study showed 71 percent of young men between the ages of 18 and 44 own a dog. This is compared to the 60 percent of young women who are dog owners.

America is continuously growing as dog lovers with 67 percent of our population owning a dog. We are becoming a nation that loves our dogs so much we make them a part of our families and treat them like our own children. Dog owners are spending more and more money on taking care of their pets into old age, in addition to buying loads of pets supplies and clothes. And it’s all for a good reason.

Benefits of Owning a Dog

Owning a dog isn’t all just fun and games. There are many benefits of owning a dog beyond just their cuteness. First, dogs need frequent trips outside to potty, so this may encourage you to exercise more.

Dogs can also help relieve anxiety and depression. Playing with and petting a dog can help reduce stress. Owning a dog can also help improve your social life. People may be more inclined to stop and talk to you if they are interested in your dog. Our furry friends can end up being great conversation starters.

Need a Dog Caregiver?

Man’s best friend needs love even when you’re away. Let’s Join Paws is on a mission to connect dog owners like you with responsible dog caregivers in your area. Create a profile online and starting browsing caregivers to share the furry dog love.