Let's Share A Dog is passionate about making sure dogs are loved and never abandoned, surrendered or destroyed. Our mission is to connect dog owners with part time caregivers in their own neighborhood to create a loving support network. Whether it's a few hours during the work day or an extended period, dog lovers help other dog owners through a simple sharing agreement that ensures the long term well-being for dogs and peace of mind for dog owners — and ultimately saves lives. As a 501(c)(3) organization, Let's Share A Dog will use contributions to expand it's loving support network of dog owners and part-time caregivers, as well as to partner with organizations that preserve and promote the wellness of dogs.

About Let's Share A Dog & The Founders

The founders of Let's Share A Dog, Cheryl Moss & Russ Petersen, were busy working in the very fast paced, incredibly stressful – if not always exciting – world of banking. Then one day at the urging of Cheryl's daughter, they met Ruby. Ruby was a rescue that was about 5 years old. They adopted her and she brought so much joy into their home – including life-changing therapeutic relief to Cheryl's daughter – that they chose to adopt two more dogs, Buddy and Jenny. It was then that Cheryl and Russ experienced first hand the powerful emotional and physical benefits of sharing their lives with dogs.

Not long after, the recession of 2008 hit and Cheryl and Russ saw the financial devastation happening around them. They noticed the financial adversity families were facing often led to pets being abandoned or surrendered to already stressed and over populated animal shelters. Cheryl decided to volunteer at one of the local shelters. Cheryl would walk dogs for the shelter every Sunday and in the process developed a deep appreciation for the hopelessness dogs felt and knew there had to be a better way to keep dogs out of shelters.

It wasn't long after that Cheryl and Russ were curled up on their couch with their loving dogs – now very much a huge part of their family – watching an episode of The Dog Whisperer. The episode featured Cesar Milan working with an "out of control" dog and a neighbor that was involved. Then it happened. Cheryl turned to Russ and said very matter of factly, "What if every dog owner whose dog 'acts out' while he or she is away at work had a part-time caregiver that could spend time with the dog, go on walks, and generally provide physical and emotional support for the dog in the owner's absence?" The answer to that question became Let's Join Paws, the original name of the organization, and what we know today as Let's Share A Dog.