What Is Kennel Cough?

Did you know your dog could be exposed to many bacteria and viruses if they frequent dog day care centers? Find out the dangers of doggie daycare by learning dog information about the causes and symptoms of kennel cough.

Dog Information on Kennel Cough

Kennel cough, also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis, is a contagious infection that causes dogs to have a hacking cough. It scares many dog owners because it sometimes sounds like your dog is choking. Similar to human cold, kennel cough is caused by a virus that spreads from dog to dog. The forceful cough is sometimes paired with a runny nose, eye discharge and sneezing.

dangers of doggie daycare and kennel coughHow is Kennel Cough spread?

Kennel cough is caused by the spread of many different viruses, the main one being bordetella bronchiseptica. Dogs catch kennel cough when they inhale the bacteria into their respiratory tract. Usually, a dog’s immune system is strong enough to kill this bacteria, but certain conditions can weaken their immunity:

  • Kennels or shelters that are crowded or poorly ventilated
  • Cooler temperatures
  • Cigarette smoke or dust in the home
  • Stress caused by traveling

Treating Kennel Cough

Most cases of kennel cough go away without treatment, but there are antibiotics available to speed up your dog’s recovery and minimize symptoms. If your dog is ill, keep them at home so other dogs will not become infected. Also, while walking your dog, use a harness instead of a collar to minimize the stress put on the dog’s throat.

To reduce your dog’s risk of kennel cough, understand the dangers of doggie daycare and keep them at home. Also, get your dog vaccinated at your veterinarian’s office.

Can puppies go to Doggie Daycare?

There are many dangers of doggie daycare. You can’t control the conditions, and there’s no way to know whether your dog is being exposed to bacteria that causes kennel cough. Keep your dog safe while you’re away by using one of our responsible Let’s Join Paws dog caregivers.