This Month's Highlighted Dog Owner

This month’s highlighted member is Kathleen and her pup Sammie. Kathleen and Sammie’s story is a real life Let’s Join Paws celebration. Kathleen needed help with Sammie while she was working and she found that help with someone in her very neighborhood. The following is Kathleen and Sammie’s story:


Sammie and Kathleen

Sammie is about to celebrate his fifth birthday. He is a socially anxious dog with a huge heart. Sammie has trouble being alone when his mom, Kathleen, is at work. Kathleen had been receiving complaints of Sammie howling while she was away for months. Kathleen found herself in a difficult position, having to choose between Sammie and her home.

One day, Kathleen introduced herself and Sammie to one of her unhappy neighbors. She mentioned that she hadn’t found someone to watch Sammie while she was working, and her neighbor offered to watch Sammie for a couple hours. These couple hours turned into a real friendship and love between Sammie and the neighbor. Now, Sammie spends time with this person four days a week, sometimes for hours at a time. Now, Sammie doesn’t howl while Kathleen is way anymore because Sammie’s now got a buddy to be with during the day.

Kathleen is fortunate to have a kind neighbor that was willing to watch Sammie while she is gone. But for some people, it can be more difficult to find that kind neighbor. That’s why we are here. Let’s Join Paws was created to provide a platform where people can introduce themselves and their dogs to people in their community. So when busy dog owners are looking for part time caregivers to watch their dogs, they can come to Let’s Join Paws to find the right match for them – just like Kathleen and Sammie.