Summer Travel Made Easy When You Share Your Dog with a Caregiver

Have you ever tried to travel with a dog? As a dog owner, you need to make a lot of arrangements before you start packing your own bathing suit. First, you have to pack for their needs with water, food, pads for potty breaks, leashes, harnesses, and other items.
Next, you’ll probably need to buy a crate if you don’t already have one for easier transportation. Then there’s the hassle of booking a flight and hotel that accommodate pets, not to mention paying all the extra fees that come with dog travel.
Lastly, many places do not accept dogs, such as restaurants, shops, museums, and other places you may want to see as a tourist in a new city. That means that even though you made the effort to bring your dog with you, you’ll often have to leave them alone for long hours in a hotel room.

Let’s Join Paws Makes Traveling Easier

Let’s Join Paws, a Las Vegas dog sharing service, recommends an alternative solution. Leave your dog in the hands of a capable and loving dog caregiver! Today, there are so many dog lovers that cannot own a dog. They may not be able to afford the costs that a furry family member can add, their housing may not allow for pets, or a family member may be allergic to animals. No matter the reason, these dog lovers still crave the bond and interaction of playing and loving on a dog. These caregivers sign up to become part time dog sitters with Let’s Join Paws.  
Both dog caregivers and dog owners can connect and set up a time and place to meet. Dog owners can see if a potential caregiver would be a good fit and if their dog likes their new sitter. Now, you can take vacations without added costs, time and energy of taking your dog along. Nor will you have to pay exorbitant prices to kennel your dog. Your dog will have the human interaction they crave, not to mention lots of playtime and walks! We call it a win-win-win.
Are you planning a summer vacation where you know it might be difficult or expensive to take your dog? There’s no better time to discover how Let’s Join Paws can help a dog owner in need.