October Highlighted Dog Owner

This month’s highlighted dog owner is JC Melvin, his close friend and the dogs they call family.  

JC MelvinJC’s story is one of tragedy and elation. His friend fell ill with a stroke and got into a car accident. An ambulance took her to the hospital where she lived in Arizona, and they took her dogs to the humane society. Due to her condition, she remained in the hospital for a long time. Her dogs were of highest concern but she could not take care of them while she was so sick. JC got wind of this and decided to do what he could to help these dogs. He went to Arizona to pick up the dogs, but he unfortunately was not in a position to house the dogs himself. He heard about Let’s Join Paws and reached out to one of our owners, Russ Petersen.

What happened next was extraordinary. Within a matter of days, Let’s Join Paws found a local dog-loving couple who could care for the dogs for as long as necessary. They not only housed these dogs to keep them out of the Humane Society, they also brought them to visit her owner while she was in the hospital regularly.

Today, these lucky dogs are in the process of being reunited with their owner after months of hospitalization and rehabilitation. The Let’s Join Paws couple represents the true success of Let’s Join Paws and the reason we continue to do what we love. We know that giving dogs and their owners a little help when they need it most is what makes our organization so special. We are a pack of dog lovers looking to help people like JC and his friend.