Benefits of Having a Dog for Family

The benefits of having a dog for your family are plenty, and Let’s Join Paws knows first-hand what some of these benefits are. Dogs can make a perfect addition to your family, but why? The following are just a few reasons why having a family dog might just be the right move for your family: […]

Dog to Caregiver Matching: A System

The right dog to caregiver relationship is important and takes time to find. It is not only important for the dog and the dog owner, but it’s extremely important for the caregiver too. An individual wants to find a dog caregiver that not only cares for their dog, but also benefits from developing a relationship […]

The Animal Foundation's Best In Show

More than just a dog show, the Animal Foundation’s Best In Show is a unique event that helps shelter dogs and other animals. This year, they will host the 12th Annual Best In Show in Las Vegas, NV. Everyone is invited to join and contribute to a good cause that helps shelter animals in need, […]

How to Find a Dogsitter

Busy dog owners need good dog sitters to help them make sure their dog is taken care of. A pet sitter is a professionally qualified individual who is paid to take care of your pet. It is important to find a qualified individual because your dog is important to you and deserves the best care […]

Benefits of Dogs for Depression

Dogs have this special way of showing us affection. Even at our worst, they still magically show us love and empathy when we need it most. People with dogs are less depressed and stressed out than people without any pets. How can they provide so much comfort and joy without even speaking English? Dogs reduce […]

Are you Ready to Own a Dog?

Owning a dog can have major lifetime benefits. Dog owners tend to be healthier and happier. But owning a dog is also a huge commitment. It’s important to do the research before adopting a dog, and remember that you shouldn’t try to own a dog if you can’t take care of him or her for […]