Let's Join Paws: J.C. Melvin's Story

J.C. Melvin, a dog owner in Las Vegas, shared a story with Let’s Join Paws about his dear friend Barbara. Barbara suffered a stroke and needed a caregiver for her two dogs while she was recovering in the hospital. Read below to see how Let’s Join Paws was able to help.

J.C.’s Story With Let’s Join Paws

“Hi my name is J.C. Melvin and this is one of my two dogs, this is Daisy. She’s a little Maltese. I want to share a story with you that I experienced recently with an organization called Let’s Join Paws.

I have a friend that’s been a family friend that has been a family friend for some 33 years and she was a client of mine going back many years ago. Her husband has since passed away, and she has two dogs of her own and she was traveling out of state in Arizona with her dogs Muffin and Pookie. Muffin’s a little older, Pookie’s a bit of a puppy. However, Barbara, my good friend, had a stroke while driving and was in a small accident.

As a result of that was taken by ambulance to the hospital and the dogs were taken to the Humane Society in Arizona. She couldn’t communicate for a few weeks and so it was a little bit difficult but after a week or so they were able to track down some people that she knew from the past. I hadn’t spoken to Barbara for about two years. But they got in touch with us, and my gal and I went down to Arizona and visit bab in the hospital. And then went and picked up her dogs at the Humane Society and drove them back to Nevada to Las Vegas.

We have a couple dogs of our own and we didn’t quite have the ability, or we didn’t have the ability I should say, to care for these two dogs or put them up. I didn’t know what to do. So through some mutual friends, a friend of mine, Marlene said, ‘You oughta talk to this guy named Russ.’ He happens to be a neighbor of hers. And Russ is the founder of Let’s Join Paws. so we connected and I explained the situation to Russ. He kinda jumped to, and really within a matter of a couple of days was able to point me to a wonderful couple, a volunteer couple that became the caregivers for these two dogs whose mother was still in the hospital.

A Happy Ending with Let’s Join Paws

If you’re looking for an organization to care about, get involved in or give to and you care for animals and dogs specifically, Let’s Join Paws is a really wonderful organization.”

Today, Muffin and Pookie have been reunited with their dog owner, Barbara. Their temporary caregivers housed them as long as needed and even took the dogs to visit Barbara in the hospital during her recovery. It’s thanks to a special community of dog lovers and caregivers that all this was possible. If you are in need of a dog caregiver, no matter your situation, Let’s Join Paws can connect you to someone that will help provide love and care for your furry friends. Join our pack by signing up on our website as an owner or caregiver to get started.