Let's Join Paws Dog Breed of the Month: Jack Russell Terrier

Love cool dog breeds? This month, we feature a unique and cute small dog: the Jack Russell Terrier. An active and playful ball of fur, this dog proves to be a great companion. Discover the dog breed’s origin, and what it’s like to care for one of these sweethearts in your home.

The Origins of the Jack Russell Terrier

In the early 19th century, Reverend John “Jack” Russell was looking for a working terrier companion. He was nicknamed “The Sporting Person” because of his work in fox hunting and dog breeding. He developed the Jack Russell Terrier, a variety of the Fox Terrier breed.

Jack Russell Terrier Personality

cute dog of the month jack russell terrierThe Jack Russell is a tireless worker, usually employed as a hunting companion. They can either have a smooth coat, or a rough, (or broken) coat. The Jack Russell Terrier is known for its mostly white fur, adorned with tan or brown markings. Be sure to get the proper brushing tools to deal with Jack Russell Terrier shedding. These cute small dogs grow to be about 10-15 inches long.

Jack Russell Terrier Training

Because the Jack Russell Terrier was initially bred for hunting and racing, they are a lively and active breed. With a desire to work in the field to track and trap prey, their hunting instincts make them very alert.

Jack Russell Terrier Temperament

Many people see this cute dog, small in size, and assume that it will be a precious lap dog, perfect for cuddling. Although Jack Russells can be great for lap love, they need to be exercised regularly. They want to be active and explore things. Before you adopt a Jack Russell rescue, understand this dog breed is a huge commitment. You should play with them and plan
activities for them every day. We recommend a big backyard for running and fetching, or easy access to a dog park.

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