Let’s Join Paws Dog Breed of the Month: Collie

We love large dog breeds here at Let’s Join Paws. Celebrate these great companions by learning about the popular collie breeds. Because they’re smart and loyal, the collie makes a great pet for many individuals and families.

Facts about Collie Breeds

info about collie breedsThe Collie dog breed is one of the most popular large dog breeds. This could be attributed to “Lassie,” the popular TV show that helped the collie stay at the top as the most famous dog in the world. In ancient times, the Collie was bred in Scotland to act as a herder and guard dog. Their name comes from the type of sheep they were used to herd.

Collie Types

Collie breeds come in a wide assortment of colors: Sable, Tricolor, White and Blue Merle. Many people choose the smooth collie as a pet, but the more popular is the rough collie. Similar to the famous Lassie, this dog has a long, thick double coat.

The collie has unusual ears. They fold loosely at the tip, as opposed to standing straight up like many other dog breeds. They are known for their wedge-shaped head, athletic frame and intelligent brain.

Collie Temperament and Training

Collies are one of the most popular large dog breeds because of their devotion to their owners. Good family dogs, collies are easily trained and have great protective qualities.

If you’re considering getting a collie as a pet, rejoice that they usually have few health issues. They can survive in either a hot or cold climate, as long as they get sufficient exercise and socialization. Grooming a collie, however, is not for the faint of heart. They need to be brushed constantly because they shed a lot of fur.

Connect with the Cutest Large Dog Breeds

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