Introducing Your Dog to Cats and Kids

Many of dog owners in the Let’s Join Paws may have kids or more than one pet in their house. In situations where there are other critters in the household, your dog can sometimes feel threatened or uncomfortable. Learn tips for training your dog to get along with other animals like cats, and any kids in your household.

Training Your Dog to Be More Polite

training your dog to be politeWill my cat and dog ever get along?

If you catch yourself saying, “My cat and dog don’t get along,” there is hope. The best step you can take towards training your dog is to start as a puppy. But, if you adopt an older dog, training is still attainable. Just make sure you know the adopted animal’s history with other animals and kids.

Your cat and dog getting along will take patience. When introducing a dog to a cat, make sure the introduction is a gradual and relaxing procedure. Allow the cat to run and hide if they want to. The cat should be able to move freely, so providing an elevated resting place for the cat to escape to will help them feel more comfortable.

Restrain the dog during this meeting. You don’t want your dog chasing the cat. Try using a baby gate as a barrier between the new friends. Do not force proximity upon them, like holding the cat in the dog’s face. This may make both animals uncomfortable. Let the cat decide when to approach the dog.

My Dog Barks at Kids

If you have a dog scared of kids, you can also train them to become more comfortable. Again, the key is to be patient and create a relaxing environment. Bring treats with you to the dog park if there are a lot of kids around. Or, start at home with your own kids. Have the kids offer treats to your dog, and make sure they know the proper way to feed and pet the dog.

  • Be gentle, showing the dog there’s no threat.
  • Don’t let your kids pat the dog aggressively. Have them stroke the d
    og gently in the direction their hair grows.
  • Teach the kids to offer a treat in their open palm, as opposed to offering it between fingers.

Your children and your dog should both be relaxed. Don’t wear your dog out if he or she seems uneasy. Also, don’t force nervous children to feed the dog treats. If you have multiple children, advise them to take turns so they won’t overwhelm the dog.

There are many dog breed who have sweet and polite temperaments. Adopt the best dog breeds for families, like a dalmatian, basset hound, Jack Russell terrier, golden retriever or King Charles spaniel.

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