Interesting Facts about Military Dogs

Veterans’ Day is right around the corner. The Let’s Join Paws family would like to express our kindest regards and thanks to all our active and retired service men and women. To continue celebrating the service that keeps this country striving and free, we’d like to share some fun facts about the military dogs who are there every step of the way.

Military Dog Facts

facts about military dogsWhy do we need military dogs?

Military dogs serve a great purpose during their service. They are trained to detect bombs, weapons and drugs, and they also are trained to attack the enemy on command. These strong and skillful dogs have a 98% accuracy in their detection skills, which creates peace of mind for troops working alongside them.

Service dogs are also great companions during active duty. Many soldiers may feel alone without family while they serve. It helps to have their team around for support, in addition to a loyal pet by their side. Many service dogs even mourn their owners (and vice versa) if any tragedy occurs.

What makes perfect service dogs?

Military dogs complete complex training that makes great use of their natural focus and aggression. Military dog breeds can vary, but the most common breeds are German Shepherds and Labradors. The perfect military dog must be healthy and free of physical issues, like hip dysplasia. Handlers look for dogs who are highly motivated and able to attack on command.

Observe Veteran’s Day with Us

Here at Let’s Join Paws, we love and respect our military members. One of the greatest ways you can help show your love and support for Veterans is to become a dog caregiver today. Help a working veteran or a veteran with disabilities by caring for their dog.