Dogs You Need To Follow On Instagram Immediately

You can never see too many dog pictures on the internet. Animal celebrities are on the rise, bringing a little more cuteness and joy into our world. Here are some of the most famous celebrity dogs you need to follow on Instagram.



A real Cinderella story, Toast was rescued from life as a puppy mill mother, and she now lives a glamorous life in New York City. She has no teeth, so this adorable King Charles breed is known for her tongue always peeking out. She raises money and awareness against puppy mills.



“I wish I went to Hogwarts” -Doug

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Called the “King of Pop Culture,” Doug is always dressed up and regularly featured as the star of popular television shows and films. Hilarious examples include “Harry Pugger,” a “Friends” spinoff called “Pugs,” “The Pug Files” and more. He’s cute and his videos are addicting.

Fonzie and Candy


#tbt Happiness 幸福 행복 행복 #yourdoglookslikeafox #shiba

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The Fonz and Candy are a married couple of Shiba Inus who’ve birthed seven pups in all. Now empty nesters, the couple adventures around San Diego, posts throwback pictures of their pups, and even have a few e-books.



I like to lay like this cuz I look like I’m flying!

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If you love French Bulldogs, Manny will fill your heart with happiness. He even raises money for good causes.

Corgneilus and Stumphrey


These two Corgis are unstoppable in their cuteness. Mostly, you’ll see photos of them dressed up or laying on their backs, begging for rubs on their little pot bellies.



I like this pic of me

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Marnie is a senior (14-year-old) Shih-Tzu. Her lolling tongue and signature head tilt make her a recognizable star, as she’s frequently photographed with celebrities. She likes to promote senior adoption from rescues, and why not when seniors are wise and cool?



Boo has been called the “World’s Cutest Dog,” and really, who could argue? The Pomeranian was one of the first internet celebrity dogs, has four published books and several plush toys modeled after his adorable, almost teddy bear-like look. He dominates the world and our hearts.

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