How Dogs Can Help with Social Interactions

Dog owners know their furry friend is more than just a companion—dogs are like family. Our canine friends serve many purposes in a person’s life, including some great health benefits. Read about some dog owner benefits, including how dogs help during social interactions.

Good Reasons to Have a Dog

Health Benefits of Owning a Dogdog owner benefits in social interactions

Dogs offer many physical and mental health benefits. First, because they need frequent walks and playtime, dogs help you increase your physical activity. Activity like this can help you lose or maintain a healthy weight and lower your blood pressure.

Pets and mental health also go well together. Dog owner benefits include increased happiness and reduced stress. Many dog owners have been said to release the “Love Hormone,” oxytocin, when they look into the eyes of their pet. How adorable is that?

Help with Social Interactions

Dog walkers especially have seen dog owner benefits when it comes to social interaction. Researchers at the University of Western Australia studied people in Australia and the United States and found that the third most common way the participants met others in their neighborhood was through their pet. The study showed that having a pet can facilitate social interaction and help with making friends.

Many dog owners build a strong social network by walking their dog and meeting other pet parents. Dogs can be great icebreakers, making it easier to strike a conversation with someone you’ve met for the first time. If you find you’ve got very little in common, or if you’re shy, talking about the dog you love so much can be easy!

Become a Caregiver for Let’s Join Paws

If you can’t make the full-time commitment of becoming a dog owner, you can still reap the dog owner benefits! Sign up as a dog caregiver and care for a sweet dog while their owner is away. Take in the love!