What to Do When the Dog In-Laws Come to Visit

The holidays are for family. Here at Let’s Join Paws, we know there’s no one more important than your furriest member. You may be forced to relinquish your man cave to be used as a guest room. Similarly, Fido may also have to give up his favorite spot by your feet to another dog visitor. The house may start to feel a bit crowded this season, but we have some dog etiquette to follow whether family is coming to you or you’re visiting family.

How to Introduce a Visiting Dog in 5 Steps

As humans, our thoughts and feelings of other people are often influenced by the first impression; dogs are no different. Princess’s first impression of a dog visitor will influence the way they interact for most of the visit. So, it’s important to make sure they get off on the right paw.

  1. Begin the introduction by finding a neutrdog visitors playingal meeting place. This assures that both dogs are feeling a little out of their element and vulnerable because neither hav and the dog visitor from pulling towards one another. Try to get them to explore their new area togethere the home advantage.
  2. Have both dogs leashed, but keep it loosey-goosey. A distance of about 15 to 20 feet is a good starting point. Pay attention to each dog’s body language. If more distance is necessary, you’ll know one is feeling apprehensive. They may need a little more time to sniff out this new character you’re bringing around.
  3. Keep your dog and the dog visitor from pulling towards one another. Try to get them to explore their new area together.
  4. Once they’re walking together, rather than towards one another, it’s time to bring it home to a fenced-in area. Keep a leash around as a safety precaution.
  5. You’ll know the play is calm and healthy when the dogs are showing mirrored movements and occasional pauses. This is a good sign you can let them come in the house and make themselves at home.

Make Sure Marley Minds Their Manners

Dog visitors and family members alike can cause a lot of excitement for your fur baby, but it’s important to make sure both dogs still follow house rules. If not, your dog may inherit bad habits that will carry on long after your guests have gone home.

Guests may not mind a little rough housing. And when Snoopy licks them senseless, they may allow them to indulge, but you should stay in control. Politely tell your guests that although they may not mind, you are working on training your pup. If Blue continues to misbehave, put them in their crate or keep them on a leash to stay in control. Your dog may be excited to rough around with the dog visitor, but allowing them to do so in your home may make them more aggressive with other dogs they interact with.

Always remain in control when guests are arriving. Some guests or dog visitors may have had a bad experience with a dog in the past. They may show a little bit of fear if your dog jumps up or lunges toward them. This fearful reaction could cause your dog to mirror their fear and growl or bare their teeth. If you remain in control of the situation, both your pup, your guests and their fur family will feel calmer and more at ease.

How to Tell Someone Not to Bring Their Dog

What is Thanksgiving dinner if Spot isn’t under the table lapping up your unwanted peas, bits of turkey and whatever else you can sneak under there? We know it’s hard to imagine a post-Thanksgiving siesta without Lou-Lou snoring on your lap. However, sometimes it may be necessary to ask a guest to leave their furry family home.

Although it may not be easy, it’s best to be direct. Politely tell your visitors something like: ”We would love to have you visit. But with the kids, our pets and other family visiting, it may be a little too crowded to bring Odie this time.” You can also try: “We love Scooby, but unfortunately little Timmy’s allergies don’t share that same love.”

Find a Caregiver with Let’s Join Paws

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