The Cutest Dog Videos in the World Right Now

What do dog lovers adore more than dogs? Not much, but we’re sure they love cute dog videos. You can watch them while you’re away from your furry best friend. Just for you, we’ve put together some of the cutest dog videos on the internet. Enjoy!

5 of the Cutest Dog Videos You Need to Watch

Guilty Denver

Our first video sure is cute, but it’s also one of our favorite funny dog videos. Denver’s owner came home to find the cat treats opened and chewed on by some big dog teeth. Check out what happens when he asks which of his dogs did the bad deed.

Stealthy Corgi Escape

Puppies, although young, are extremely inquisitive creatures. They’re always looking to learn something new. In this cute dog video, a young Corgi explores a way to escape from an evil dog crate.

Pitbull Puppies Learn to Swim

More puppies! Pitbulls are sometimes mistaken as ferocious and threatening canines. But, in this video, we see a proud father and adorable dog, Hulk, helping his puppies learn to swim. It’s an adorable aquatic mess of fun!

“It’s So Cute!”

Here’s another one of our favorite cute dog videos, featuring a cute kid this time, too. Although short, this clip summarizes every dog lover’s reaction to a cute, tiny puppy. A young kid is so overwhelmed by a Chihuahua puppy’s cuteness it makes him cry tears of joy.

The Joys of Adoption

It’s amazing when you can see the look of pure happiness in a dog. Their tail wags uncontrollably, and they jump and bark for joy. Check out the reaction of a dog who gets adopted after living in a kennel for a long time.

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