Be the Best Dog Caregiver

Deciding to become a dog caregiver is one that comes with many rewards in the form of sloppy kisses, loyal companionship, and endless furry cuddles. We know you love the dog you care for as much as their humans do, so it’s only fitting you want to care for them as well as their owners do. At Let’s Join Paws, there are some tricks we recommend for being the best dog caregiver to your favorite fur pal.

Be the Best Dog Caregiver
Dog caregiver playing with red ball
Meet Your Fur Pal

Before you go live as a dog caregiver for a new animal, make sure you meet them with their owner present. Spend some time playing so both of you are comfortable with one another. You want to make sure you and the dog are able to get along with another before you can begin to create a one-on-one relationship with them.

Be Patient

When you first start acting as a dog caregiver for a new pet, they may be nervous, especially if their owners have never had another person take care of them before. Like children, they may misbehave while mom and dad are away. Have their favorite treat handy when you first go into the house. This will help the dog be less nervous when you enter their home. Who doesn’t like someone who gives them bacony treats?

Follow Instructions

Make sure owners leave you instructions detailing feeding times, exercise routines, emergency phone numbers, etc. While you spend time with your new friend, assure all house rules are followed. Maybe you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but they can certainly learn bad behaviors.

Following their exercise routine is beneficial for the dog caregiver and the pup. If you spend the afternoon running around the park, it’ll use up energy they may put towards misbehaving when no one is home. Before feeding them any food while you’re out, make sure you know what their owners are okay with them eating to avoid a possible upset stomach.

Lock up

Even if a dog has spent the day at the park with their favorite new dog caregiver, when left alone they could still get into trouble. Double check all gates, dog doors, and kennels so Spot doesn’t find a way to escape.

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