The Best Dog Books for Kids

School season is back in full swing, and fall is right around the corner. If you’ve got early readers, you know the importance of getting them to read a little something every day for practice. Here are some of the best dog books for kids and dog lovers alike.

The Best Dog Books for Children

the best dog books for kidsClifford the Big Red Dog

We start off with a children’s literature classic, everyone’s favorite giant dog. Clifford has tons of different adventures you can read about with your kids. Together with his little dog friends, he learns great life lessons about friendship.

Martha Speaks!

“Martha Speaks” is one of the best, funny dog stories for kids. Martha is a sassy golden retriever. She gained the ability to speak after she ate some magical alphabet soup. Join Martha in her many fun adventures with her owner, Helen Finney.

The Puppy who Wanted a Boy

This next book is a heartwarming classic. In “The Puppy who Wanted a Boy,” Petey the puppy only wanted one thing for Christmas: a boy of his own to love and play with. Check out this story and find out whether or not he got his wish!

Jenny the Magical Dog Next Door

Written by Let’s Join Paws founder, Cheryl Moss, “Jenny the Magical Dog Next Door” tells the tale of a sweet dog who brings her neighborhood together. Find out how she connects humans and dogs with her magical talents.

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