Why You Should Adopt a Shelter Dog

October is National Adopt a Dog Month. With it, we celebrate those adorable shelter dogs who need your love. If you’ve ever been skeptical of adopting a dog from a shelter, have no fear. We’ve listed some of the best reasons you should adopt a shelter dog and open your heart to a canine in need.

Why should I adopt a shelter dog?

Save a Dog’s Lifewhy you should adopt a shelter dog

Around 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year in America. This happens because there are too many pets in the shelters, and not enough people are adopting them. If you’re thinking about getting a new pet, adopt a dog instead of buying one. You’ll help free up space in the shelter for another rescue animal, and you save your pet’s life.

Save Money

Often when you adopt a shelter dog, they’ve already been spayed or neutered, given their first vaccinations and sometimes even microchipped. Many shelters include these treatments with the adoption fee. This is a great deal, which saves you money from having to visit the vet.

Help Fight Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are a factory-style facility used to breed dogs in large amounts. They sometimes put their desire for profit above the wellness of their dogs. The dogs sometimes live in poor conditions until they are sold to pet stores. The dog moms live in cages with little human interaction, and they’re bred over and over for years with little hope of joining a family. Choosing a shelter over a pet store means less profit is going to the puppy mills.

Get a Best Friend

Many shelter dogs and rescue animals are only there because they got loose, or they were in a situation they could not control, (like their human moving or getting a divorce). Most of the time, the dog did nothing wrong to end up in the shelter. These healthy and happy pets are sure to provide psychological, emotional and physical benefits when you adopt them. They give dog owners a sense of purpose when they’re able to care for another living being. Dogs can also ease anxiety and make you feel less alone.

rescue animalTips for Adopting a Dog from a Shelter

When you decide you’d like to welcome a shelter dog into your home, make sure you’re prepared. Research the humane society or pet adoption shelter you’ll adopt from. You may want to know about how they treat their animals, whether they have a no-kill policy and what their adoption fees are.

Next, equip your home with food, toys and other accessories before you bring your new friend home. Be patient as your new dog gets used to your house. Build a consistent schedule for feeding, potty time and sleeping. Allow time for bonding, but also give the dog time alone to explore or get settled in.

Become a Dog Caregiver!

If you aren’t sure about making the full-time commitment of becoming a dog owner, but you still love dogs, create a profile with Let’s Join Paws! As a part-time dog caregiver, you can share your love with a cute dog on your own time. And, the dog owners will love you for it!