5 Hilarious Dog Videos You Need to See

Summer is coming to an end, and we could all use a little pick me up. This month in cute and funny dog videos, we bring you a skateboarding Bulldog, Dachshunds on a treadmill, a peculiar pug, and more. Brighten your day with these hilarious and heartwarming videos you’ll want to share with friends.

Otto The Skateboarding Bulldog

Otto broke a world record for boarding underneath a human tunnel! This too-cool-for-words dog was completely chill as he coasted past tons of humans that formed a tunnel under their legs. Congrats on your remarkable achievement, Otto!

Mudd the Trampoline Lover

Who knew Bulldogs loved sports so much? Mudd is another Bulldog, and he adores his trampoline. His parents put him up on the bouncy pad so that he can frolic, roll and flip with glee. Mudd reminds us to take pleasure in life’s little things.

Three Dachshunds Love the Treadmill

The trio couldn’t wait for their daily walk, so instead they jumped on the treadmill themselves! Their owner reports it came naturally to them. She tried to push them off so she could get in her own workout, but they refused. Together, they all try to burn calories when it’s too hot to go outside.

Pug’s Strange Bark

Once you hear it, you’ll never forget how bizarre this dog’s bark sounds. Does it sound human? Alien? We’re stumped. Either way, it’s strange and hilarious. Enjoy.

Monk Hates Bathtime

If you’re a dog owner, you know your pooch can get stinky sometimes. But this dog named Monk REALLY DOESN’T WANT A BATH. Seriously. He cries and whines for several minutes and plops down on the floor moodily. It’s certainly the best tantrum we’ve seen in awhile.

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